St. Lorenz Lutheran

We believe in showing how beautiful it is to live with Jesus!

St. Lorenz is a congregation which is rooted in time, relevant for today, and reaching for tomorrow. Our teaching is based on the solid Word of God, which gives encouragement, guidance, and direction to our lives. Our congregational mission statement, a part of St. Lorenz since our founding in 1845, expresses our purpose and goal: “To show others by word and deed how beautiful it is to live with Jesus.” As people who know we are loved by the Lord, we seek ways to share that love with others in our worship and in our everyday lives. Our vision is to be known in our community and beyond as a place where everyone is welcome and will experience vibrant worship, Christ-centered education, and compassionate care.


It is important for God's people to gather with other Christians to worship our Savior

We offer worship services at a variety of times, in more than one style and at two different locations. We recognize that there is more than one way to worship the Lord and it is our desire to provide worship that is pleasing to God and beneficial for His people. The goal we have established for our public worship services can be stated this way:

That God’s people experience His gracious presence in Christ Jesus in such a way that they are moved to:

  • repent of their sins
  • rejoice in their salvation
  • respond with a life of service

Traditional (sometimes called liturgical) Lutheran worship services are very beautiful and meaningful, following a fairly standard order every week. These are the kinds of services usually conducted in our church building on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. The hymns we sing at these services are usually quite traditional and are accompanied by the organ, and, on occasion, brass or wood-wind instruments. While not overly formal, these service are quite structured.

The Connect (contemporary) at 10:45 is held in the Worship and Event Center. It features a less formal, more contemporary style. These services feature a piano, drums, guitars, other instruments, as well as vocalists who lead the singing of praise songs. The message makes use of technology to deliver biblical truths with contemporary application in a more modern format.

Regardless of the service, we worship a great God and are happy to come into His presence, sing His praises, and hear His Word. Services last about an hour. The sermons are based on the Bible and seek to apply the truths of God’s Word to the lives of His people.

To understand more of what we believe, visit here.