Get to know the St. Lorenz pastors

Pastor Brad Hubbard

Administrative Pastor

Thank you for connecting online with us!  We are so blessed to have you as part of our family of faith.  Inspired by God’s promises to us in Jesus, we are motivated by His Spirit to place our faith into action and accomplish our mission of showing others by word and deed just how beautiful it is to live with Jesus!  We would appreciate the opportunity to get to know you better, pray for you and your family, and help you connect with the people and ministries of our congregation and schools.  May God be with you and bless you as we worship, study, serve, and witness alongside each other! 


As for me, I am a saved son of God by grace through faith in Jesus.  I am happily and humbly married to my wonderful wife, Lisa; and we have been blessed with five children (Riley, Aidan, Ethan, Addison, and Nora).  We enjoy spending time together and attending the activities and events of our children.  I thrive being outside and by the water, and like hiking trails, reading, and watching tv.  I officiate basketball, have coached youth sports (football, basketball, lacrosse) and serve in volunteer positions with the Michigan District and Camp Arcadia.  I look forward to sharing in life and ministry with you and our St. Lorenz family of faith! 


Pastor Shawn Fenske

Pastoral Care

“What do you want to do with your life?  Do you want to follow God or follow your friends?”  A good friend of mine asked me those questions shortly after I reconnected with the church.  He knew I had a heart to help others, and challenged me to consider using my gifts serving the Lord.  At the time, I was working as an Emergency Medical Technician in the East Bay Area of California.  Those questions opened my eyes to what I already knew deep down, (on the ambulance, you quickly learn what matters).  God used my experiences to show me that those who had a faith life just seem to do better.  The biggest reason is the hope He provides us.


I graduated from the Seminary in St. Louis, MO in June of 2007.  Shortly afterwards I married my wife, Noelle.  For a little over nine years it was just the two of us.  We had tried to have children of our own, but the Lord had different plans.  In Dec 2016, we welcomed our first foster care child into our home.  Our lives have been richly blessed by this little girl.  God’s plan has been wonderfully overwhelming and beyond words.


The community of Frankenmuth, and the members of St. Lorenz have been a tremendous form of support.  I am honored to serve this community as the Pastoral Care pastor here at St. Lorenz.  I took over this role in January 2017, and it allows me the chance to share my heart in the caring and compassion ministries that St. Lorenz has to offer.


I thank the Lord that someone cared enough to show me I have something to contribute.  Now I get to help others and share the love that Christ has for them.  So what is God doing in your life?  I would love the chance to sit down and talk with you about it.


Pastor Joel Kaiser

Pastor to the School and School Families

“For we walk by faith, and not by sight.” -2 Corinthians 5:7


Hello! My name is Pastor Joel Kaiser and I serve as the Pastor to the School & Families at St. Lorenz. I have been in this position since 2012, and have served at St. Lorenz since 1998. It continues to be a privilege and a joy to serve God’s people in this great congregation and school, and in this wonderful locale!! I pray that God blesses you through your connection with St. Lorenz as much as He has blessed me and my family!! My wife, Pamela, and I, and our 5 children have all experienced the love and grace of our Heavenly Father here through the people whom God has called to be part of this “Family.” The St. Lorenz Family definitely demonstrates “How Beautiful it is to Live With Jesus!”


As I interact with students, families and faculty, I am reminded of how challenging life can be at times, especially when we cannot “see” what lies ahead. Perhaps that is why the verse from II Corinthians above is so powerful to me. Dealing with my own visual impairment has caused me to daily apply the lessons learned from my “physical walk” to my “spiritual walk,” and learning the meaning of “walking by faith.” I pray that God uses me to assist others in growing in their “faith-walk” as well! 


Vicar Ryan Ferguson

Please contact me if you have any questions about faith, life, or any of our ministries. I will be sure to serve you as best I can.