2nd Grade Family Faith Nights

Strong Christian families don’t just happen! They require prayer, hard work, and commitment on the part of each family member. Join us at the St. Lorenz school dining hall at 6:00 where your Family Faith Friendly team will serve you and your family a FREE dinner. There are three Family Faith Nights in a school year: September, November, and February. After dinner, the children will disperse for crafts and games and the adults will gain parenting insights that can strengthen their homes. Childcare will be provided for children 3 years old and younger. The evening will be completed by 7:30. 
We also look for volunteers to help with this ministry: to babysit 0-3 year olds, to help with games and crafts for the older children, to serve supper, to clean up after supper, and to bake cookies or rolls. 
If you have any questions please call your child’s teacher or call Kay List at 989-652-2248. We look forward to our time together! 

Baptismal Plaques

We celebrate baptisms! Every baptized child receives a handcrafted cross-stitched plaque with their name and baptismal date. It’s a simple way to say, “Welcome to the family!" Volunteers are needed to stitch the plaque or to deliver them. For more information contact Martha Huber at 989-652-9710.

Church Library

The goal of the St. Lorenz Church Library is to provide materials that support the ministries of St. Lorenz Church, inspire and spread knowledge to further spiritual growth, and help members communicate the Christian worldview to others. It is located across from the church office reception desk and contains over 2000 items. Of which include offering books and DVDs on apologetics, Bible studies, devotions, fiction, reference materials, christian entertainment DVDs and much more with new materials added monthly through donations and library purchases. Items can be checked out for 3 weeks with Bible studies available for 3 months. For more information about the library or if you’d be interested in helping, contact Diane Schiefer at 989-906-2877.

Funeral Dinner Servers

The funeral dinner ministry means more than simply feeding people after a funeral. Our volunteers create a warm, compassionate environment where families and friends can share memories and relax while enjoying a delicious meal. Ministry volunteers support this effort by contributing prepared dishes, arranging and setting the tables, serving the meal, or cleaning up afterwards. For more information about helping with this ministry contact Heather Robertson via email or phone at 989-652-6141

Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee is interested in locating and receiving historical papers, pictures, and artifacts pertaining to the history of St. Lorenz congregation. We invite members and friends of St. Lorenz to submit items for possible inclusion in the museum’s permanent collection. We welcome members interested in the history of St. Lorenz, those that like to do historical research, design and set-up of displays, presentation of historical programs, and write historical news articles. Further, we need interested people to take care of our historical artifacts, museum, and other historical properties which include the first church replica and the old cemetery next to the museum. They can get involved by contacting Dan Haubenstricker via email or phone at 989-652-3563.

Parents of College Students (POCS)

What an easy way to let our college students know we’re thinking about them! We pray for students, and mail off small “goodie” boxes to college students. We know, too, that the assault on Christian values is strong on college campuses, so our Christian Citizenship Ministry has purchased “Answers in Genesis” booklets that cover 23 key areas where God’s truth is being compromised. We include these in mailings to help our young people spot the lies they may be hearing. Packing the boxes is fun and takes little time. Join us!


For more information email Leah Ebmeyer


Prayer Committee

The Prayer Committee's focus is to make St. Lorenz known as a House of Prayer. They encourage the use of prayer in families, meetings, classes, and the community ensuring to weave prayer throughout the fabric of all they do. Of their many accomplishments include providing prayer resources, holding prayer training, helping with prayer jouneys, instilling greater prayer technology, encouraging various corporate prayer opportunities, and much more.


The Prayer Trail was reconstructed and is enjoyed by many as they are surrounded by nature.  A brochure was produced to share for all at the Visitor's Center in Frankenmuth as well as at St. Lorenz.  If this is something you would be interested in working on, we would love to have you join our team.


The committee meets once a month for discussion and planning and may be involved on an individual basis for projects and volunteers during the year. There is power in the unity of prayer that too often we, as followers of Christ, do not use frequently or effectively. It is our Lifeline and Communication Link to God, given to us by the authority of Jesus. The goal of this ministry is to encourage and teach others in our church and community to use this powerful gift from God.  For more information or to get involved, contact Nancy Zuellig via email.

Stephen Ministry 

Stephen Ministers provide high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care and support at no charge to people experiencing life issues such as:

  • depression and loneliness
  • terminal illness
  • aging and disability
  • infertility, birth, and adoption
  • spiritual crisis
  • grief and divorce

For more information visit