About Girls of Grace

Who are we?

The Girls of Grace Christian Dance Ministry seeks to, “Offer our bodies as living sacrifices, Holy and pleasing to God! This is our spiritual worship!” ROMANS 12:1

As we dance, we offer our hearts to God in worship, and we humbly pray that we help others around us enter into worship too. We dance, not for ourselves, but only to give God glory, our audience of one!

That is why our hands, our eyes and our movements are lifted up to God! We want to help others experience God’s Presence by drawing their attention up to Him!

And as we dance, the Holy Spirit fills us up, and grows us closer to Jesus!

What do we do?

Worship Services: Girls of Grace participates regularly as part of the St. Lorenz Worship Services as well as Chapel Services at St. Lorenz School. Please view the Calendar for scheduled appearances.

Annual Concert: Girls of Grace conducts an annual concert each spring. 

Beyond our Community: Girls of Grace also performs at a variety of events throughout the State of Michigan.

Rehearsal: The Girls of Grace dancers rehearse regularly and as needed to support special performance and project requirements.

Workshops: Girls of Grace conducts dance workshops as requested and are developing the next generation of Girls of Grace with the “Future Girls of Grace” workshops.

Service Projects: Girls of Grace are involved in a variety of service projects within the community. Including volunteering at the Saginaw Rescue Mission.


Over the course of the year, Girls of Grace participates in many worship services. We dance, not for ourselves, but only to give GOD glory!


DVD Order Form

DVD's: Individual DVDs of the past eleven concerts are available for purchase. Each DVD includes approximately 15 different dances, narration, vocal, and media presentations from each individual performance. Please contact 989-652-6141 to place an order. 


All proceeds go directly to Girls of Grace. Girls of Grace thanks you for your support!


Core Leadership Team:  Mindy (Frahm) Bierlein, Maria (Krafft) Tambling, Rachel (Gehm) Siemen, Haley Johnston, & Sammy Hasso

Leaders:  Sammy Hasso, Amelia Schmitt, Isabel Schmitt,  Haley Johnston, Rachel Smith, Faith Webb, Kaitlyn Locke, Emily Kamin, Kaitlyn Cloeter, Rachel Siemen, Maya Sears, Rachel Galsterer, Maria Tambling, Emilee Andrews, Mindy Bierlein

Other Leaders and Assistants

All of these young women have danced at studios or with Girls of Grace for many years, and now serve as Leaders and Assistant Leaders   These ladies bring a vast experience in worship dance.  They are very dedicated and help with planning, choreography, instruction, and many behind the scenes tasks.   All work in the area, or attend college (or both!) 


Worship Wear Coordinators

We have two teams of moms that  serve as Worshipwear Coordinators.   These ladies make sure that our dancers are prepared for all our different performances.



We have several ladies who create worship wear, make props or do any mending that might be needed.  These ladies mainly sew at home.



Amy Paten leads this very important committee, with Jamie Specht as an assistant.   They work to get the message of our concert out and to reach out to those in need to provide free ticket vouchers.


Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee shares in the vision and passion of our Ministry. These ladies meet to make important decisions, carry out leadership positions at the concert, and also have on a primary responsibility in addition to the many ways they serve.