Fellowship of Christian Men

The Fellowship of Christian Men (FCM) is dedicated to the work of Jesus Christ by leading men to strenghthen the realtionships in their lives - first with God, then with their families, churches, and community, by creating relationship-building opportunities.  Men of all  denominations in Mid-Michigan are welcome to attend our quarterly breakfasts.

For more information about FCM contact Al Nuechterlein at 989-652-9732

Lutheran Laymens League

The Lutheran Laymen's League is the parent organization of the Lutheran Hour and Lutheran Hour Ministries.  We are in one of 40 districts in the United States and Canada.  We strive to keep the Lutheran Hour broadcasted in over 1400 radio stations in the United States.  It is also broadcast through the Internet and via American Forces Radio.  It is the oldest continuously running Christian Radio Program, starting in 1930.


To help spread the word contact Karl Weiss at 989-401-1919

Willing Workers

The principal purpose of Willing Workers is to share Jesus' love through care for others by assisting them in daily activities and or needs.  Specifically, Willing Workers provide help for individuals and non-profit organizations who are physically and financially unable to do maintenace / repairs as needed or have need of tasks requiring group assistance.  Willing Workers get a sense of satisfaction from accomplishing the many tasks that are done each year in support of those in need.

To put your talents to work contact Ken Block at ​​​​​​​989-233-0490