Altar Guild

This group ensures that candles are prepared for worship services, and ensures that the correct paraments adorn the chancel area of the church. They also assist in keeping the area clean. If you would like to help, please contact Julie Weiss at 989-652-3815

Church Banners

Banners are made with designs proposed for the various themes and seasons of the church year. As the seasons change, so do the banners. Because these banners and other paraments are not sewn, they are of cut-and-paste type, no real artistic/sewing skills are required. Four parament hangar hooks are used, as well as banner poles for display. For information about joining this ministry contact Elaine Walter via email or phone at 989-652-6374.

Church Beautification

The work done by this ministry is visible throughout the year including the following interior and exterior displays: Christmas altar display, garland, Christmas trees; “Joy,” “Peace,” and manger scene outside the front of the church; Easter altar display, sunrise lighting, narthex Easter cross, tomb and crosses set up outside; Advent wreath (interior and exterior). As well, summer flowers are planted in May and tended through October. Contact Vera Bamberg at 989-652-9596 for more information about this ministry.


Greeters welcome worship attendees before the service with friendly greetings in both the traditional and connect services and answer any questions guests may have.  If interested in serving the Lord in this way, please contact Heather Robertson at 989-652-0771 or email.

Service Coordinator 

Duties include preparing communion trays, preparing the baptismal font for baptisms, assisting acolytes, assisting ushers if necessary with offering, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly during services. For information about being a service coordinator at traditional or Connect worship contact Heather Robertson via email or phone at 989-652-0771.

Tech Team 

Volunteers assist with lighting, sound, and video to enhance the worship service as well as help with broadcasting. To volunteer, contact Dan Reinert via email.  


Ushers assist at worship services by greeting members, handing out bulletins and service folders, as well as collecting offerings. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Heather Robertson via email or phone at 989-652-0771.